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・イラストのご利用時に、編集加工の有無に関係なく、第三者が見て「作者(著作者)が甲以外にあるかのような表現」でのご利用(例 「私が描きました」「私の画をスタンプにしました」等)

Copyright and request

・The materials on this site can be used free of charge, but the copyright is not abandoned. The copyright of all the materials is owned by Sakigake who is the administrator of this site.

・Materials can be edited and processed freely if they are within the rules. However, please be aware that there is no transfer of copyright and the copyright remains with us even after being edited and processed.

・This site is link-free (link free), no contact is required. Please use the URL “https://illustration.in-jpn.com/” to link from your website or SNS.

・The reason for the free illustration distribution was created for another site owned by Sakigake, but after that I slept as data. I thought that even one person would be more pleased with the free distribution.

・However, the skill of the illustration is low, so if the usage of this site is low, we intend to close this site at any time. Thank you for your patience.


This site uses Google Adsense ads.

Visitors (you) are responsible for using and browsing this site.

The administrator, Sakigake, only distributes and distributes the illustrations and operates the server.

Sakigake takes no responsibility for any troubles caused by the use of this site’s illustrations.

Please note that these terms of use and disclaimers are subject to revision without notice.

Company names and trademarks described on this site are registered trademarks and trade names of each company.

Terms of Service

The materials distributed on this site can be used free of charge by anyone, regardless of individual, corporate, commercial non-commercial, as long as it can be used within the following terms and the copyright is in Sakigake. No copyright notice is required.

Therefore, it can be used in a wide range of situations such as websites, blogs, social media such as SNS, paper media such as newspapers / books, teaching materials and advertisements (POP, leaflets for inserts), and media media such as TV and video distribution.

However, we will refuse the use of the illustrations on this site in the following cases.

・When using an illustration, regardless of whether or not it has been edited, it can be viewed by a third party and used as “expression as if the author (author) is outside Sakgiake” (eg “I drew it. ” “I made my drawing a stickers such as LINE”etc.)

・Use related to anti-social forces, illegal acts, demonstration acts and websites corresponding to them

・Use when it violates public order and morals, and the corresponding website

・Use in a scene or medium that makes the viewer uncomfortable (extremist, discriminatory, etc.) and websites corresponding to them

・Selling materials as products or digital contents and redistributing them online (including stickers such as LINE, etc.)

・In addition, if Sakigake is judged to be inappropriate